New Silent Cinema. A lyrical story about the youth of the 90s. Capitalist Russia, a new Moscow, a new hero. A day in his life that is full of funny and sad situations. The young man gets a job as housekeeper for a wealthy woman.

Screenplay: Petr Tochilin
with participation of Veronica Voznyak Director: Petr Tochilin
Cinematography: Dmitry Skladov
Music: Veronika Voznyak
Sound: Maxim Belovolov
Producer: Sergey Selyanov

Cast: Yevgeny Oreshin, Lyuba Zemtsova, Irina Zarkova, Dmitry Buerov, Konstantin Kutarov

World sales:
15, Druzhinnikovskaya, 123242, Moscow, Russia

tel/fax 7/095/255 90 52
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Russia, 8parts, b/w, 72 min.

Production: "CTB"

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(c) 2000 Petr Tochilin