New Silent Cinema is the ultramodern, fundamental cinema.

New Silent Cinema is cleansed of speech emanating from the screen. The speech of the characters is present on the screen visually, as an element in reality. As a result, the audiovisual imagery doesn't correspond with the sequential order of the spoken information.

New Silent Cinema is a combination of the visual image, synchronized music, and noises. It is not an «a la retro» stylization and not «cinema without dialogue.»

New Silent Cinema corresponds to the development of modern audiovisual culture and the new spectator. The modern spectator is overloaded with information and as a result inattentive to speech. Speech is the prerogative of television and video, professional actors and scenery – the prerogative of theatre.

New Silent Cinema is interested in real life. That is why it employs real people, «people from the street.»

New Silent Cinema does not tell a story but shows a succession of events. Each event is independent and can exist separately. Episodes form a story which develops at a different level - a level of meaning but not of events.

New Silent Cinema uses the stunt essence of cinema.

New Silent Cinema is a step forward in the transformation of cinema into design.

New Silent Cinema remains organic on any screen and in any format.

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