- More and more sounds are
appearing in our lives. With the
development of science and
technology and the appearance
of new devices and technical means
comes a new range of sounds emitted
by them.
          The sound palette that can be
used in film is continually growing
richer, being filled out with new colors
and tones.
          Over the last 100 years music has
followed the path dictated by the
development of technical
resources from mechanical sounds
to electrical and on to electronic. The
same has happened with sounds.
          Even if we take the everyday
sound of a telephone's ringing, it now
has hundreds of variants, each one of
which can carry a certain meaning.
          For example, it can express a period
in time, the material status of its owner,
and so on, not to mention its effect on
the atmosphere and mood
of the given shot it is used in.
          As a result, as an expressive
means, sounds are becoming more
varied and more interesting
and hence more e x p r e s s i v e.

up(c) 2000 Petr Tochilin

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